From Protection To

   Expression: The Future

                                        Of Menstrual Advertising




Click here to read a little background on the proposed menstrual product ad exhibit – an abstract submitted for the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research 2003 conference.


You may also be interested in “X” and its related lyric, “Is There Peace in Texas?”


Below are the first five menstrual product ads. Why not take a look at them, and then vote on which one you like best? The link to the vote page is under the last ad. And leave a comment if you’d like.



1.  A Menstruating Woman Goes Through A Lot


2.  Working at Brittany, Hunter & Paulk Is So Great…


3.  Tampontotes and Padbags


4.  It's Not an's a Flogan


5.  Why Wait Until Menopause





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