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Menstrual Monday ~ Chocolate Recipes

"Soul Slumber" by Patricia King.  The Duchess of Chocolate!  

Please follow the links for recipes ~ explore!

Sables Korova - Chocolate Butter Cookies

Mexican Hot Chocolate - Be sure to check out the related articles

Velveeta Fudge - "Makes enough for a big party" 

Chocolate Covered Cherries - You can make these at your party, then everyone can take a few home with them.  Check out the photos to see what's involved.

Why Cook When You Can Rent?  Chocolate Fountains are popular and can be rented ~ Follow the link to a searchable database of chocolate fountain rental companies.

Do you know what Fair Trade Chocolate Is?

Visit The World Atlas of Chocolate, which "describes the chocolate industry from cocoa tree to chocolate bar." 

Then visit Divine Chocolate, A Farmer-Owned Fair Trade Company, to learn more about Fair Trade Chocolate ~ and to purchase some for your Menstrual Monday Party.

Chocolate Weirdness...or Wonderfulness?  You and your guests decide:  There's now such a thing as "PMS Chocolate" ~ PMS Support Chocolate Bars, PMS Chocolate Bars, Rod's Exclusive PMS Chocolate Bars, and even PMS (Chocolate) Scented Candles.

Is this weird...or wonderful?  Health care providers tell migraine sufferers to avoid chocolate ~ and ask women with migraines if their headaches are menstrual-related.  So eating chocolate premenstrually might not be such a good idea, even if it does satisfy cravings.

Click here to see what the Mayo Clinic has to say about PMS ~ it's interesting that "Self-Care" is the 7th section, and not the first.  What do you and your Menstrual Monday guests think of that? Contact the Mayo Clinic and let them know!

Recipe Index (Bonus: Costume Suggestions Too!)

1.  Popeye the Sailor Woman Suggests...Green Stuff
2.  Aunt Ruby Suggests...Red Stuff
3.  The Duchess of Chocolate Suggests...Her Favorite, Of Course
4.  Shirlotta Poppy Suggests...Poppy Seed
5.  Ms. P'eggy Humpty-Dumpty Suggests...Eggs
6.  Emily Dickinson Suggests...The Mother of All Fruitcakes

"I find you so perfect and so well thought of that I don't know what to say except admiration, and advice to back up your reason with your courage and your courage with your reason, and to take chocolate, so that the most unpleasant company seems good to you."  ~ Madame de Sevigne to her daughter Madame Grignan, Paris, Friday evening, 15 January 1672


Dress up like your idea of the Duchess of Chocolate ~ won't be too expensive if you pick up items at the Salvation Army. 

On the other hand...the "Vintage Cashmere Coat" to the right went from $175 to $87.50 to $125.  The "chocolate brown velvet roses" look a bit like Chocolate Cookies, don't they?