Red Stuff in Virginia

In your dormitory,
classroom or apartment, 
at a friend's house,
at a park or other open area
the center of campus
in a restaurant or cafe
just about anywhere!

Strawberries in Michigan

Egg Sacs


Menstrual Monday ~ Egg Recipes

Humpty-Dumpty's a know-it-all
and all the teachers
and all the professors
think Humpty-Dumpty's
one strange creature

Artwork by John Lavelle at the North Babylon Public Library, NY

Please follow the links for recipes ~ explore!

Classic Cooked Egg Nog ~ stir in something extra, as suggested

Egg Drop Soup (long-playing political version) ~ "Politics, that's a spice like ginger, right?" "Right.  It belongs in every well-stocked kitchen."

Baba Ganoush (eggplant spread)

Pink Deviled Eggs

Eggplant Parmesan ~ baked not fried

P'Eggy Humpty-Dumpty...An Eggspurt Who Goes By PhD

When describing a good meeting with her colleagues, PhD says: "We had a great brainstorming session ~ there was egg spurting all over the place."

Or in recommending someone for a position, she'll say: "I highly recommend her, she's a real eggspurt in her field."

Click here for a visual aid to The Mega-Ovary Theory of Brain Function, the subject of PhD's dissertation (and much wild speculation otherwise).   

Pressed for time?  A deli will probably have everything you need!

Recipe Index (Bonus: Costume Suggestions Too!)

1.  Popeye the Sailor Woman Suggests...Green Stuff
2.  Aunt Ruby Suggests...Red Stuff
3.  The Duchess of Chocolate Suggests...Her Favorite, Of Course
4.  Shirlotta Poppy Suggests...Poppy Seed
5.  Ms. P'eggy Humpty-Dumpty Suggests...Eggs
6.  Emily Dickinson Suggests...The Mother of All Fruitcakes

Reg Eggs and Ginger Party:  Click here to learn about the traditional Chinese celebration for 1-month-old babies.


Dress up like your idea of an "eggspurt in her field." 

Consider yourself an eggspurt? Then come as you are!