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Zeinabu Irene Davis

A veteran of independent film and video, Davis has produced numerous award winning works. Her vision is passionately focused on the depiction of African American women - their hopes, dreams, past and future...”

The above is from Zeinabu Davis's Faculty Page at the University of California - San Diego Department of Communication. To read more, click here.

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Molly Strange

Molly Strange, a filmmaker with a background in both documentary and fiction, created In Search of Juan Colorado for her thesis in the UCLA graduate film direction program. She holds an MFA in film directing.

In Search of Juan Colorado, a 30-minute 16mm film, focuses on a tomboy starting her period on a camping trip. By focusing on menarche – that amazing first period – In Search of Juan Colorado brings into the body of cinematic work a story where three friends find a way to transform this potentially devastating

experience for Marty (who is a dedicated tomboy) into a rite of passage that she comes to cherish.

Molly also works in the corporate arena, creating communications for employee and executive programs.

Molly has written a number of feature length screenplays including Cold Storage, Trailer Town (co-written with her brother Jim Strange) and DonorSure which focuses on a future world where science and ethics are no longer linked.

Currently she is writing a memoir, A Vehicle for Butter, and working on a feature length version of her thesis film In Search of Juan Colorado.

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Giovanna Chesler

Giovanna Chesler is an experienced Director and Producer of documentary and narrative films. Her films include: Period: The End of Menstruation? (16mm, 54 min) a feature documentary on cultural and medical trends in menstruation, BeauteouS: The Trilogy, an examination of women and beauty (16mm, 43 min.) and hand-some, a reflexive documentary on a failing lesbian relationship (16mm, 13 min.)...”

The above is from Giovanna Chesler's Biography at

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