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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Mini Flofilm Festival

This might be renting one or two videos and inviting friends over, or perhaps viewing one film in class -- it's fun if everyone dresses in red, or wears a menstrual costume. There are plenty of traditional "movie foods" that are red -- gum drops, M&M's, red soda pop, red licorice -- try mixing dried cranberries or dried cherries with popcorn, or if someone's really ambitious, make red popcorn balls (In the sixth grade a classmate brought green and red popcorn balls from home for a class party, so I know it's possible! See Recipes).

Look over the discussion questions and pick one or two to discuss. Perhaps have paper and pens available, in case people will be rewriting a scene from the menstrual point of view, creating alternative dialogue, etc.

Maxi Flofilm Festival

If you're really ambitious, you might try showing three or four films, perhaps one of our suggested film groupings, or come up with your own. Again, it's fun if people wear red and/ormenstrual costumes; -- I've never actually seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but tossing (unused) pads and tampons at a movie screen, at an appropriate point in the action, kind of makes me laugh just thinking about it! It might be hard to hold a discussion if you get a big (and rowdy) turn-out, but maybe a panel discussion could be held (before, during an intermission, or after) for those who are interested.

We think of Maxi Flofilm Festivals as a way of encouraging more menstrual-centered films to be made -- especially if prizes were offered for best menarche film, best menopause film, most creative use of menstruation as a plot element, etc.

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