NOTE: The following is only purchasing / rental information; either links to other websites or email addresses.  Hopefully the more expensive films will find a wider audience (initially, in part, through Flofilm Festivals), which will help to bring the price down.


Suggestion:  An interesting discussion to be held after the showing of some (or all) of these films, might address financial considerations, marketing, distribution, and so on. Perhaps some of the filmmakers would be interested in participating in your discussion; you can always email them and ask!


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Cycles, by Zeinabu Davis

(link also gives purchasing / rental info for Davis’s ‘A Period Piece’)





Period: The End of Menstruation?, by Giovanna Chesler





Ginger Snaps, by John Fawcett

Click here to go to website to purchase





On Becoming a Woman, by Cheryl Chisholm



In Search of Juan Colorado, by Molly Strange

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The Menopause Song, by Gail Noonan

(also My Left Cyst, available through

Moving Images Distribution below)


 For non-institutional purchases:

Click here to contact Gail Noonan via email

Gail Noonan says: “I still have the film on single VHS as well as part of a compilation of my first four films. Single videos are $15 plus post and the compilation is $30 plus post.”


For institutional purchases:

Moving Images Distribution







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