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Forgember:  Verb (combination ‘forget’ + ‘remember’) Definition: 


1. To publicly go through the motions of remembering, in such a way as to encourage others to forget


2. To encourage others to remember, but in such a way that they assign responsibility for past events to the wrong parties


(see also: blaming the victim)


3.  To inadvertently bring about remembrance of past events, without having had any intention of doing so 


Forgembering, forgembrance. Examples:  Forgembered history; solemn forgembrance; forgembering is easier than remembering


(see also: forgery, forge)






Right to Left:  Ritz Cracker Tin purchased online through eBay, circa 2002; Contents of tin as purchased:  Black pepper, Magic Button canning lids, Defender pins, Durkee red pepper flakes, BerNARdin no. 63 canning lids, Playtime chalk and Rely tampons, circa 1980. 




It may seem odd that an unopened box of Rely tampons, a long-discontinued brand linked to the illness and/or deaths of menstruating women, would be combined with ordinary household items in an online eBay auction – but it’s possible that some of the women who became ill and/or died from Rely-related toxic shock syndrome had some or all of these items in their home at the time of their deaths.


Interestingly, six of the items (including the cracker tin itself) have the color red in their packaging artwork.  The menstrual product Rely does not.




Right to Left:  One of the 25-year-old Rely tampons, split open to show contents; an older tampon with its plastic case, circa 1940s?–1950s USA, maker unknown.



In the Rely tampon above left, the tan particles are the “sponges and superabsorbent fibers” that have melted together. They were sticky to the touch, a bit like wax, and had a vaguely familiar odor – perhaps due to their carboxymethyl cellulose content, used as a thickener and emulsifier in foods, as well as in other household products.


The older tampon to the right was dry to the touch and odorless.  It divided neatly into a single piece of wadding, tied in the middle with string.


Click here to view the original patent for the Rely tampon; click here to view a similar patent application by the Kimberly-Clark corporation.


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