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Menstrual Monday ~ Have a Hester

‘The Scarlet Letter’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne was published in 1850 – and still assigned reading for American high school students.  At your Menstrual Monday party, why not take a another look at this American classic – through rose-tinted ‘menstruglasses’ (as worn in the photo, left.  Thanks dad for modeling!).

Click here for the passage describing Hester Prynne’s scarlet letter, worn as a symbol of her “sin” (that is, committing adultery and bearing a child out of wedlock).

Take turns with your guests reading this passage aloud...imagining that the scarlet letter represents menstruation.  How does this change the meaning of the passage?

Next, why not try making your own scarlet letters – out of fabric, paint, glitter glue, and so on.  Draw, sew or glue onto t-shirts.  Or make postcards, addressing and attaching postage while at your party, then mailing.  Postcard could read:  “"Why Get Hysterical, When You Can Have a Hester Instead?"  

Click here to learn more about flow-dying.

Note:  If you put two scarlet letter A’s right next to each other, you get a single M with a line through it – a nice symbol of menstrual camaraderie.

Fact:  Nathaniel Hawthorne himself added the ‘w’ to his last name.  Some think he made this change upon learning his great-great-grandfather John Hathorne had been a judge during the Salem Witch Trials; some not.


Menstrual Monday Party Favors, Decorations...and the Dragon Bag

Although the Menstrual Monday Starter Kits of yore were sent out for free (most of the time ~ thanks to those who sent in donations!), the Dragon Bag is $20. 

If you'd like some Menstrual Monday freebies for your party (just not $20 worth), either Paypal $2 for postage to infoATmoltx.org (please include your mailing address as well as email address!) OR email infoATmoltx.org, with a promise to send photos of your party that can be uploaded to the Menstrual Monday website.

When?   Officially: The Monday before Mother's Day.  Click here for the date in your country. Unofficially: Whenever you feel like having a little Menstrual Monday fun ~ your birthday, an ordinary Saturday night.