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Check out the Menstrual Monday index at MOLT for more ideas.


COMING SOON:  The “party in a bag” – the Dragon Bag (formerly the Menstrual Monday Starter Kit).



Big Red Pencils


Make your mark, and then some.


Bumper Stickers


Honk If You Have Your Period, New American Flag,

I Got My Dragon On at MOLT.




Purchasing / Rental info for Cycles, Period: The End of Menstruation?, In Search of Juan Colorado, Gingersnaps, On Becoming A Woman, Menopause Song.


Menstrual Drop’n’Splash


Sun Catchers in a Window? Bathroom Art? Display for Valentine’s Day...or Halloween? You decide.




Soft, fuzzy frisbees, in your choice of colors. When not in use, store in a desk drawer, purse...or on your lapel.


Ovum Fans


Who could imagine a cross-section of the human ovum would be so cute? Next time you’ve got to meet someone you’ve never laid eyes on before, don’t just hold up a piece of paper with their name on it – tell them you’ll be the one with the ovum fan.


PMS Blowt-Outs


The ultimate Menstrual Monday party favor. Need to break the ice? Have one sticking out of your coat pocket, and let the laughter begin. Also fun to carry in a purse to the prom. WARNING: Does sound a bit like a honkin’ goose when you blow on it.




Be a thoughtful hostess:  Dress your table up with silver tamposes (tampon + rose = tampose), and let your guests take them home. Or, for Valentine’s Day, why not send a dozen long-stem tamposes to your favorite menstruant? (Note: No, menstruant is not a restaurant for men. It’s just another way of saying “menstruating woman.”)


Uterine Flying Objects


Last but not least – the “UFO,” a paper mobile that also serves as a cat toy (must be the long, cat-friendly red ribbon). Mini and maxi sizes available. To learn about the origin of the UFO, please visit the UFO MOLTXIBIT.



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