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Having a Party ~ Meditation/Visualization

In Search of Juan Colorado, a Film by Molly Strange
Written for the first-ever Menstrual Monday in 2000.  Like to make a copy to pass out at your party? Cut and paste into Notepad or Word, then print.

Check out an interview with Molly Strange, the author, by clicking here.


Meditation and Visualization

for celebrating the First Menstrual Monday of the new Millennium!

Monday, May 8, 2000

Designate one person to read this aloud, at a comfortable breathing pace.

Read, and do, step by step, and then try to repeat without reading, giving attention to your breath and visuals.

Practice conscious breathing for a moment.  Allow your abdomen to relax and expand as you breathe.  Your lower belly should expand as you breathe in (through your nose) and contract slightly as you exhale (through your mouth). Forgive yourself for worrying about your silhouette.


Sit comfortably.  Draw in a breath.  Allow your belly to expand.  Exhale and continue allowing your belly to relax.

With your next breath, feel your chest expand.  Breathe out, releasing any tension.

Breathe in and feel your upper back expand.  Breathe out any tension you discover in your shoulder blades. 

Breathe in and relax your face and mouth – don’t forget your tongue, and your jaw. 

Breathe in and out a few more times, releasing tension where you find it held in your body.

Now imagine your breath as Love – whatever that image is for you.  Love could be warm gold light, or calm breeze, or warm water, or any other image that brings you comfort and relaxation.  Exhale. 

Breathe in one more time.  Allow your image of Love to fill the spaces between your ribs, between your heart and lungs, and around your guts – stomach, intestines, kidneys. 

Spend another breath visualizing any organ you wish – if you have any that have been stressed by illness or that you know are weak.  Exhale.

Next breath, feel the breath descend into your pelvis, filling in around your uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries.  Exhale, releasing tension.

Next breath, continue to deepen your inhale and again surround your uterus with love.


Inhale and continue deepening to surround your fallopian tubes, ovaries and vagina with love.  Exhale.

With the next few breaths, focus on any menstrual-related issues you might experience. 

If it is PMS, imagine your internal organs healthy, red and shiny, not swollen or painful.

If you’re bleeding right now, imagine the flow of blood emerging easily and flowing through a healthy vagina.  Let it go!

If you suffer from endometriosis, imagine your uterus healthy and the abdominal walls free of any overflowing lining. Keep breathing, and  surrounding your organs with love and acceptance.

If you’ve had a miscarriage or abortion, imagine your uterus healthy and intact.

Breathe in again and forgive yourself.  For whatever it might be.

If you are going through, or have experienced, the change of menopause, imagine your womb as resting.  See it healthy and happy.  Breathe in again and thank your hormones and ask them to treat you well.  Exhale.

If you have been pregnant recently, you can imagine your uterus back to its original fist size, healthy and happy.

For cysts, imagine that your uterus is empty and breezy, with breath moving through it.**

Breathe in a few more times, allowing your breath and visualization of love to surround your internal body, continuing to exhale any tension or stress.

On your final deep breath, thank your body for working so hard with little or no attention. 

Give the group a few seconds of silence.

On your next few breaths, return your attention to the room around you.


This meditation (or any variation of it) can become part of your monthly rituals.   While the benefits of  paying attention to our bodies, accepting and thanking our body for all its hard work, may not be scientifically proven, we believe that positive visualization can only add positive energy to our naturally healing bodily ecosystem.

 ** For cysts and cancer, this visualization can be done in more detail, actually imagining the process of your growths diminishing in size.



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