Menstrual Synchrony, Thirty Years Later: Tearing Down the Frozen Waterfall


“Menstrual synchrony is a difficult phenomenon to demonstrate, its occurrence among women remains uncertain, or at least unpredictable, and if it does exist, its functional significance remains unclear.”


--  from “Methods for Obtaining Menstrual Cycle Data in Menstrual Synchrony Studies, Reply to Schank (2001),” Cynthia A. Graham


“…daring and brawn tear down the frozen waterfall, the past…”


--  from “Skunk Cabbage,” “American Primitive,” Mary Oliver






1.  The WMBS Phenomenon: “We Must Be Synchronizing!”


2.  Menstrual Cycle as Rhythm:  Problem…and Opportunity


A.  Problem:  Rhythms Whose Periods Are Noninteger Multiples of Each Other Are Only Capable of Hypodivergence, Not Synchrony




B.  Opportunity:  Rubymusyk as Musical Genre…Will MTV Someday See Red?


Menstrual Monday Concerts


3.  The Experts Do Not Agree. But What Exactly Are the Experts Disagreeing About?


A.  Cycle Length Variability


            MOLTXPERIMENT 2


B.  Random Groups Method


            MOLTXPERIMENT 3


C.  Slight Increase in Asynchrony


            MOLTXPERIMENT 4


D.  Mutual Exchange of Information


            MOLTXPERIMENT 5


4.  Three Examples of Menstrual Synchrony Used to Look Into the Past


A.  “Menstrual Synchrony and the “Place of Women”

      In Ancient Egypt,” Terry G. Wilfong


B.  “How Menstruation Changed the World,”

     Judy Grahn


C.  “Query Letter to Rolling Stone Magazine,”

     Geneva Kachman


                        MOLTXPERIMENT 6


5.  One Example of Menstrual Synchrony Used to Interpret the Present


                        MOLTXPERIMENT 7


6. The Theory of Menstrual Synchrony:  Result of Human Need for Coincidence?


7.  Menstrual Overlap:  A Source of Menstrual Camaraderie?


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