Purple Ovum Fans

In your dormitory,
classroom or apartment, 
at a friend's house,
at a park or other open area
the center of campus
in a restaurant or cafe
just about anywhere!


Red Stuff in Virginia

Body Painting in Virginia

Menstrual Monday 2011

“the Monday before Mother’s Day...because menstruation comes before motherhood...and usually long after it, too.”

~ brought to you by MOLT

Email infoATmoltx.org if you are having a Menstrual Monday event and/or party, and need party favors/decorations.

WHY?   To create:

A sense of fun around menstruation;

To encourage women to take charge of their menstrual and reproductive health;

To create greater visibility of menstruation, in film, print, music, and other media;

And to enhance honesty about menstruation in our relationships.

How?   Throw a Menstrual Monday party ~ decorate with Menstrual Drops and Splashes and MOLTwheels ~ organize a Sister Menses Costume Contest ~ view a Flofilm ~ view SiCKO and have a discussion on single-payer health care ~ invite friends over for a messy spaghetti dinner ~ serve items from the Five Menstrual Monday Food Groups (red stuff, green stuff, chocolate, poppy seed & egg) ~ hold a panel discussion on women's health issues ~ learn more about the Robin Danielson Tampon Safety Act ~ flow-dye t-shirts; read menstrual-themed poetry ~ let your menstrutivity run wild!

When?   Officially: The Monday before Mother's Day.  Click here for the date in your country. Unofficially: Whenever you feel like having a little Menstrual Monday fun ~ your birthday, an ordinary Saturday night.