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The years from puberty to menopause, told as a story with pictures.  

The word 'menovulography' is a combination of menstrual + ovulatory + biography.  MO-ography for short.

Moog Inc. is a "worldwide designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision control components and systems." 

It's kind of fun to think to of menstruation and ovulation as "precision control components" of the female reproductive system, isn't it?

The Art of the Menovulatory Lifetime

Corporations competing in a global marketplace aren't the only ones creating art (in the form of advertising) about various aspects of the menovulatory lifetime.  However, the actual individuals who create such advertising remain anonymous. 

Learn the names of artists, musicians and writers who've addressed such topics as menstruation, body image, contraception, breastfeeding and menopause in their work. 

Toxic Protection/Confidence Shock:
A History of Tampon-Related Toxic Shock Syndrome

The patent for Proctor & Gamble's Rely tampon describes how its "aggregate" foam was initially created: "...the pieces need not necessarily be uniformly shaped, in fact, they preferably are very irregularly shaped [...] Pieces were chopped for the tampon of this invention in a Waring kitchen blender by putting blocks of Hydro-Foam™ in the blender."

Pop singer Linda Ronstadt once sang about a relationship:  "Took me through some changes/Lord, sorta like a Waring blender."  Find out about the changes some girls and women have gone through, as a result of tampon-related toxic shock syndrome.

Menstrual Synchrony, 30 Years Later:
Tearing Down the Frozen Waterfall

"Menstrual synchrony is a difficult phenomenon to demonstrate, its occurrence among women remains uncertain, or at least unpredictable, and if it does exist, its functional significance remains unclear."
~ from "Methods for Obtaining Menstrual Cycle Data in Menstrual Synchrony Studies, Reply to Schank (2001)" Cynthia A. Graham

"...daring and brawn tear down the frozen waterfall, the past..." ~ from "Skunk Cabbage," "American Primitive" Mary Oliver