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Why does MOLT use a big word like “menovulography?”


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Call for Menovulographies





‘Menovulography’ is a combination of :  menstruation + ovulation + biography.  It is abbreviated ‘MO-ography.’


In menovulography, the “historical era” from puberty to menopause is explored, from the perspective of an individual woman’s life. Greater emphasis is placed on menstrual, sexual and reproductive experience than is typical in biography.


MOLT looks forward to the day when similar exhibits are created about men – a “seminography” of Thomas Jefferson on display at Monticello, perhaps.




Menovulography Index


1.   Anna Oravec – “If you want to be an artist, you have to draw figure 8’s”


2.  Marjorie Finley – A found menovulography of MUM Director Harry Finley’s mother






Are you or someone you know...a postmenopausal woman with a story to tell?


MOLT: The Museum of the Menovulatory Lifetime, is looking for “menovulographies” - just a fancy word for an exhibit about “the years from puberty to menopause, told as a story with pictures.”


(Menovulography = menstruation + ovulation + biography. MO-ography for short.)


Could be your story, or a grandmother’s - or perhaps a historical figure you’ve always admired.


An MO-ography consists of 4 web pages (one each for the teens, 20s, 30s, and 40s – less, of course, if a woman went through menopause earlier, or died before reaching menopause). If you want to include a “postmenopausal postscript,” add another web page.


Each web page must include at least 1 graphic + text. Graphic can be of people, artwork, personal belongings, buildings, maps, newspaper clippings, advertising, letters, homework, clothing, a car, a birth control dispenser, an outdoor scene - ANYTHING you feel would best tell the story. If you know how to add music to a web page, please do!


The idea is to present an integrated view of the years from puberty to menopause - blending those things traditionally thought of as biography - family of origin, social environment, education, work, spirituality, political beliefs - with things that can sometimes get left out - like menstrual history and choices about sexuality and reproduction, feelings about the aging process, our changing relationships with mothers and/or sisters, etc.


For an example of a 5-page menovulography, please see Anna Oravecz, Part I - remember, the minimum requirement is 1 graphic + text per web page, so it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming amount of work - an experiment in remembering women’s lives in a new way, rather than “monument building.”


You will also be able to create a “guest curator” page, telling about yourself and anything you wanted to share about the process of creating an “MO-ography” exhibit, as well as linking to your own web site(s).


If interested, please email ~ makes a great school project! If desired, support is available ~ MOLT can help select graphics, upload graphics and web pages, and give feedback regarding exhibit text (or what they call the “script” in the museum biz).


Thanks for your consideration!






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Menovulography:  the years from puberty to menopause, told as a story with pictures


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