Red Stuff in Virginia

In your dormitory,
classroom or apartment, 
at a friend's house,
at a park or other open area
the center of campus
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just about anywhere!

Strawberries in Michigan

Egg Sacs


Menstrual Monday ~ Mega-Ovary Theory

Humpty-Dumpty's a know-it-all
and all the teachers
and all the professors
think Humpty-Dumpty's
one strange creature

Artwork by John Lavelle at the North Babylon Public Library, NY

P'Eggy Humpty-Dumpty...An Eggspurt Who Goes By PhD

If you subsist on eggs while writing your dissertation...what else are you going to come up with, besides "The Mega-Ovary Theory of Brain Function?" Basically, all PhD did was compare synapses and ovaries, like this:

Neurovulation Visual Aid ~ Makes a Great Bookmark Too

We see an ovary releasing an ovum

Neurovulation Visual Aid ~ The Other Side (And a Bit Enlarged)

We see a synapse releasing neurotransmitter, kind of like the ovary shown above; thus, neuro + ovulation = neurovulation

Would you like a free Neurovulation Bookmark?  Email with your mailing address. Update:  PhD is hard at work on a theory of glucovulation...or how candy sprinkles end up on cupcakes.  Silly work, but somebody's got to do it!