Purple Ovum Fans

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Red Stuff in Virginia

Body Painting in Virginia

Menstrual Monday Party Ideas ~ Index


Tampon + Rose = Tampose

Here they are drying after being dyed with red food coloring.  Cheap, but stains just like the real thing!  Will eventually fade in sunlight to a very light pink.

Some of these party ideas involve more talking, others doing.  See what strikes your fancy ~ or come up with your own ways to celebrate Menstrual Monday. Let the Good Times Flow!

1.  Have A Hester ~ Revisit the "The Scarlet Letter," from the menstrual point of view.  Sew or paint your own Scarlet Letter...or flow-dye something!

2.  Meditation & Visualization by Molly Strange ~ Relax.  Learn to "Embrace, not Deface."  Shed the Shame!  Downloadable "Message From the Ovum Office," and other writings. 


Menstrual Monday Party Favors, Decorations...and the Dragon Bag

Please email infoATmoltx.org with your MAILING ADDRESS for your FREE DRAGON BAG - this year we have two new items - a fun red collar you can wear, and the broken tampon triptych (triptych is just a fancy word for a three-panel piece of art - in this instance, made of recycled cardboard, and linking together the 1980 toxic shock outbreak, debit card "overdraft protection," and the 2008 Wall Street meltdown. You'll never think of the Washington Monument in the same way again!)

When?   Officially: The Monday before Mother's Day.  Click here for the date in your country. Unofficially: Whenever you feel like having a little Menstrual Monday fun ~ your birthday, an ordinary Saturday night.