Toxic Protection / Confidence Shock




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"forgetting" + "remembering" = forgembering.  

People remember (or more accurately, forgember) tampon-related toxic shock in different ways.         


Broken Tampon Memorial Fountain (Geneva's Story)    Tampon Alert   




This MOLTXIBIT consists of five sections, in the following sequence: 


Forgembering (completed)


Talkin’ Toxic


Why Am I Sick?


Tampon Alert (completed)


Broken Tampon (completed)



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Mission Statement / Critique of the Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health:
Why do we need another museum of this kind?



Art, Poetry and Music

of the Menovulatory Lifetime

From Protection to Expression: The Future of Menstrual Advertising

Menstrual Monday

Broken Tampon Memorial Fountain


Menovulography:  the years from puberty to menopause, told as a story with pictures


Toxic Protection / Confidence Shock



Menstrual Synchrony, Suppression and Globalization

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