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Strawberries in Michigan

Egg Sacs


Menstrual Monday ~ Red Stuff Recipes

Aunt Ruby is a character in the film Alma's Rainbow -- a complex woman who faces both good times and bad times with a whole lot of style, and whose eating habits can be a bit erratic at times. Know anyone like that?

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Accident on a White Sofa Cake ~ Angel Food Cake + Strawberries. What could be easier!

Homemade Tomato Soup 

Red Pepper Bruschetta 

Borscht (Beet Soup)

TNT ~ "TNT" usually stands for trinitrotoluene, "a high explosive formed from toluene by substitution of three hydrogen atoms with nitro groups." (Oxford Illustrated Dictionary).  For Menstrual Monday, "TNT" stands for Tea'N'Toast, which if handled properly, will result in explosive laughter. So forget about the three hydrogen atoms, and instead ask your friends to bring bread, tea, jam and jelly ~ and see if you can't manage to laugh your heads off! 

Chocolate Covered Cherries ~ Makes a fun project to do together at your Menstrual Monday party ~ or maybe you'd like to flow-dye some t-shirts instead .


My sister made these when we were little kids.  Perhaps not the tastiest thing anyone's ever eaten -- but even Aunt Ruby has her hard times, and the food to go with it.

How ever many slices of bread you want to use
Cheese slices
Whole stewed tomatoes

Place bread on cookie sheet. Place cheese on bread. Top with one or two stewed tomatoes. Bake until cheese has melted.

Photo:  Thanks Lucie! You are the champion! 

Pressed for time?  A deli will probably have everything you need!

Recipe Index (Bonus: Costume Suggestions Too!)

1.  Popeye the Sailor Woman Suggests...Green Stuff
2.  Aunt Ruby Suggests...Red Stuff
3.  The Duchess of Chocolate Suggests...Her Favorite, Of Course
4.  Shirlotta Poppy Suggests...Poppy Seed
5.  Ms. P'eggy Humpty-Dumpty Suggests...Eggs
6.  Emily Dickinson Suggests...The Mother of All Fruitcakes

Cranberry juice and promegranate juice are good choices for a Menstrual Monday party ~ try making a punch, or freeze for ruby red ice cubes. 


Apparently, "near the ruby mines at Jegdalek there are still many land mine fields...[which] are now marked with rocks painted red." From

Aunt Ruby Hates Landmines - Imagine Aunt Ruby is a mythical 1,000-year being, who scatters red rocks here (as warning), and rubies there  (as reward).  Dress up as the landmine-hating Aunt Ruby - and consider making a donation to Clear Path International.