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Red Stuff in Virginia

Body Painting in Virginia

Menstrual Monday Costume Ideas

This is a photo of my (most likely) great-grandmother, spiffed up a bit to look like Sister Menses.  What's your idea of a Sister Menses get-up? Aunt Flo's attire? The Lady in Red's Red?

Try having a Menstrual Monday Costume Contest, and award items from the Dragon Bag (formerly Menstrual Monday Starter Kit).

Popeye the Sailor Woman, 'Cause She Loves Spinach

Dress up like Popeye the Sailor Woman.  Imagine a cross between the Righteous Babe Records logo and Luandinha, "a river spirit associated with the moon," who appears in the Elizabeth Bishop poem, "The Riverman." 

"Art by Bud Sagendorf, who wrote and drew the strip from 1959 to 1994" ~ from Wikipedia

Aunt Ruby, 'Cause She Hates Landmines

Apparently, "near the ruby mines at Jegdalek there are still many land mine fields...[which] are now marked with rocks painted red." From gems-afghan.com.

Aunt Ruby Hates Landmines - Imagine Aunt Ruby is a mythical 1,000-year being, who scatters red rocks here (as warning), and rubies there  (as reward).  Dress up as the landmine-hating Aunt Ruby - and consider making a donation to Clear Path International. 

The Duchess of Chocolate, 'Cause She Loves Chocolate

Dress up like the Duchess of Chocolate ~ won't be too pricey if you pick up items at the Salvation Army. 

On the other hand...the "Vintage Cashmere Coat" to the right went from $175 to $87.50 to $125.  The "chocolate brown velvet roses" look a bit like Chocolate Cookies, don't they?

Hint:  The Duchess and Popeye don't really get along, so it's best not to seat them next to each other at your party, unless you're looking for fireworks!

Shirlotta Poppy Says ~ Introduce Me To Your Grandma  

Ask your Menstrual Monday guests to dress up as one of their grandmothers, and bring a small gift for a "grandmother grab-bag." Have them include a note with the gift, explaining how the item relates to their grandmother.

My grandmother, who lived in a (tiny) Detroit home, always sent us back to the suburbs with Poppy Seed Buchta wrapped in wax paper. I wonder what she would think of Menstrual Monday, if she were still alive.

Anna Oravec ~ Click here to check out her MO-ography.


P'Eggy Humpty-Dumpty ~ Make Like a PhD

Dress up like your idea of an "eggspurt in her field."  Consider yourself an eggspurt? Then come as you are!

Click here to learn about PhD's Mega-Ovary Theory of Brain Function ~ just for fun!