Red Stuff in Virginia

In your dormitory,
classroom or apartment, 
at a friend's house,
at a park or other open area
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just about anywhere!

Strawberries in Michigan

Egg Sacs


Menstrual Monday ~ Green Stuff Recipes

I'm Popeye the Sailor Woman
gulping spinach the week before
trading roses are red
and PMS blue
for magnesium
and calcium (times two)

~ from "Spinach Bouquet"

Please follow the links for recipes ~ explore!

Spinach Pie

Collard Greens

Cauliflower-Broccoli-Spinach Cream Soup

Everything But the Chocolate Spinach Salad - self-explanatory, isn't it? Include Red Stuff (tomato, pomegranate seeds), Poppy Seed (dressing, or sprinkled on) and Egg (hard-boiled). 

Raw Veggies & Dip ~ If you really want to go for the green, serve spinach dip.


Have your guests write down all the words they can think of to describe chocolate (decadent, etc). Then try applying them to "green stuff" ~ spinach, collard greens, broccoli, asparagus, green cauliflower, artichokes, avocado...try to experience green stuff the way you usually experience chocolate.  As shown, you can also make edible green bouquets, using food-friendly cellophane wrap and ribbon ~   check out the poem Spinach Bouquet to get in the spirit of things!

Photos:  Thanks to Jeff for lending a "helping hand!"

Pressed for time?  A deli will probably have everything you need!

Recipe Index (Bonus: Costume Suggestions Too!)

1.  Popeye the Sailor Woman Suggests...Green Stuff
2.  Aunt Ruby Suggests...Red Stuff
3.  The Duchess of Chocolate Suggests...Her Favorite, Of Course
4.  Shirlotta Poppy Suggests...Poppy Seed
5.  Ms. P'eggy Humpty-Dumpty Suggests...Eggs
6.  Emily Dickinson Suggests...The Mother of All Fruitcakes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something green...from Dr. Suess:  Serve green eggs (hard-boiled and dyed) and ham. Could add to your Everything But the Chocolate Salad, as above.


Dress up like your idea of Popeye the Sailor Woman.  Imagine a cross between the Righteous Babe Records logo and Luandinha, "a river spirit associated with the moon," who appears in the Elizabeth Bishop poem, "The Riverman." 

"Art by Bud Sagendorf, who wrote and drew the strip from 1959 to 1994" ~ from Wikipedia