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Note:  All photos taken with InfraBlue camera developed by BlueVue Paranormal Labs. This camera is famous for detecting the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and has reportedly had some success detecting movement in chimneys on Christmas Eve, although MOLT has not been able to confirm this.







Uterine flying object (“UFO”) found lying on the ground in a Detroit suburb, Winter 2001.


This UFO is apparently exhausted after its long travel from home planet Uterus.  Uterus, about the size of Venus, is located in the Reproductiva Galaxy, which is almost four times as far from Earth as the Andromeda Galaxy.






Based on data received from a satellite now orbiting Uterus, experts believe that UFOs live in huge flocks in the upper layer of the Uterine atmosphere, known as the Menosphere.  Occasionally, due to huge electrical storms in the lower layer, known as the PreMenoSphere, a UFO may be blown into outer space. 


It is believed that these wayward UFOs find Earth especially attractive, given that our atmosphere is very similar to the Uterine Menosphere.


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