Menstrual Suppression



As we all know, first impressions are powerful. In Dr. Coutinho’s book “Is Menstruation Obsolete?,” he argues that regular menstruation is unnecessary, if not actually harmful, and that women would be better off menstrually suppressed.


Try your hand at creating a first impression of Dr. Coutinho’s book: Write an introduction to it. 100 words, 5,000 words, a 10-page paper for school – even a PhD dissertation – the choice is up to you.


The index below lists five critical approaches to the menstrual suppressionist position*. After reading through the discussions and the questions that follow, why not give it a try?


For starters, here’s a discussion regarding the introduction that actually appears in the book:


From Foreword to Last Word: Oranges to Apples?


And here’s the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Press Release and Position Statement on Menstrual Suppression, as well as MOLT’s critique:


Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Position Statement...

And MOLT’s Critique




Five Critical Approaches to the Menstrual Suppressionist Position:



1. Who's Your Daddy: The Problem of Paternity-Dependent Contraception


2. Peony in a Coffee Cup: The Problem of Secondary Utility


3. Physics Envy: Reproducin' Relativity


Part I: A Little History


Part II: Of Reproductive Patterns...and Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation


4. Industrial Strength Marketing


5. Menstrual Suppression: Female Hormonal Mutilation?



* MOLT understands this position to be continuous menstrual suppression as a global cultural norm, EXCEPT at those times when a woman wishes to become pregnant. MOLT notes the weird parallel with the pro-life position sometimes taken, of restricting abortion EXCEPT in those cases where pregnancy has resulted from rape or incest.


Mission Statement / Critique of the Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health:
Why do we need another museum of this kind?



Art, Poetry and Music

of the Menovulatory Lifetime

From Protection to Expression: The Future of Menstrual Advertising

Menstrual Monday

Broken Tampon Memorial Fountain


Menovulography:  the years from puberty to menopause, told as a story with pictures


Toxic Protection / Confidence Shock



Menstrual Synchrony, Suppression and Globalization

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